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Umberleigh's Good Ofsted

Umberleigh and Brayford Academies were both inspected in Summer 2023, we are delighted to share with you their results...

Two North Devon Primary Schools from TEAM Multi-Academy Trust have recently been inspected under the new Ofsted Inspection Framework and are proud to announce that they both retain their judgement of Good.

The Teachers and Staff at Umberleigh and Brayford Academies are rightfully thrilled and proud of this result.Head of School at Umberleigh Academy, Corrinne Smith, said “We were delighted to receive such a fantastic OFSTED report, which highlights the hard work staff, children and parents put in every day to make sure we are always providing the best opportunities for the children at our school.

We are pleased that the Ofsted inspectors noted that:

  ‘Leaders are determined for pupils to succeed’ and ‘Adults create a nurturing and safe environment that helps pupils to grow in confidence.’ 

The children really impressed the inspectors on the day and it was commented that:  

‘Pupils are polite and respectful.  They show positive attitudes to learning and in all aspects of school life. Pupils work well with each other and they enjoy being part of the school team.’ 

At Umberleigh Academy, we are definitely living out our motto of 'Life, Love and Learning to the Full'.  

 We are thankful for the continued support of TEAM Academy Trust and all the opportunities that this has brought to the children at Umberleigh Academy."

Head at Brayford Academy, Sara Leggott, echoed Corrinne’s thoughts by adding

“We are delighted with the Ofsted report our school recently received. It is a clear testament to the dedication and hard work of our staff, the cooperation and support of our parents, and the incredible achievements and progress made by our wonderful children.

The Ofsted inspectors noticed that school leaders and staff have worked hard to created a nurturing environment for children. Our parents are incredibly supportive and to hear from the inspectors that the community as whole believes the school is like a big family was also very pleasing for us to hear.  The inspection report also highlights some of the great work we are doing here at the school and in particular it was particularly pleasing to read the following:

'There are strong relationships between pupils and staff. Pupils are well cared for and they feel happy and safe. As a result, they enjoy coming to school.'

'Leaders prioritise developing pupils’ emotional well-being as well as their physical health. Experienced staff provide effective social and emotional support for pupils when needed.

We are delighted with the outcome of the inspection and looking forward to continuing to making school as exciting as possible for our children.

Ian Thomas, CEO of TEAM Multi Academy Trust, said “Everyone here at TEAM Multi-Academy Trust is very proud of the outcome of the recent Ofsted inspections. Both inspection teams quite rightly recognised the high-quality education on offer for the pupils. It is clear to see that both settings are great examples of rural schools that are committed to building a brighter future for all of its children.”