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Weekly Timetable - example

Daily Tasks For Those At Home
Reading - 30 mins
Times Tables Rock Stars - 20 mins (with at least 2 games in the studio).
BBC Dance Mat Typing - 10 mins

Weekly Task For Those At Home (Do a little each day because this will take some time!)
Literacy Task
Maths Task
Topic Task
AR Quiz
Joe Wicks Activity
Supermovers Times Tables

Other Things To Do
Learn to do something new.
Help with jobs around the house.
Find an object and draw it carefully.
Make something from Lego.
Follow a recipe and do some baking/cooking.
Learn how to sew on a button.
Learn to tie your shoelaces.
Plant a seed.
Learn how to greet others in a new language.
Learn the capital cities of ten countries.
Watch your favourite film and write a review about it.
Play a board game with your family.
Learn a new card game and teach it to others.
Write a biography of a family member/famous person.
Make a sculpture using household objects and take a photo of it.
Design your own comic strip character.
Tidy up and organise something.
Learn how to tell the time on an analogue clock.
Design an exercise circuit you can use indoors.
Complete a Random Act Of Kindness

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