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Week commencing 23rd March

Literacy activities for this week.


Whilst we are learning from home, we recommend using AR on ANY of your own books at home. Don't worry if they are not in your normal ZPD.
Here is the weblink to complete a test:
Alternatively scan the QR code on the attached document with an ipad or tablet.

If you wish to use the barcode it is attached below.


For your spelling work look at the slides attached below. It's a revision of all the things we've studied this term, so there will be nothing new. Please work your way through the tasks and answer in your Home Learning Journals.


 Learning about the classification of words. Read each slide one at a time. Have a go at the task if there is one. Write in the book you have been given. The next slide will help you find the answer or may give you the answer to a task set.


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